March 20, 2020

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update 20/03/20

Important Information

We are open for business! We would like to reassure all of our members that our facilities follow the strictest hygiene standards and are still safe to visit unless otherwise advised.

As the COVID-19 situation evolves at a rapid rate, we continue to closely monitor the situation and act on advice from the Health Department and Government. Prime Minister Scott Morrison addressed Australia on 19/3/20 with updated Coronavirus (COVID-19) measures, to further protect Australians.

The key measure which relates to health, fitness and leisure facilities includes:

‘Settings like gyms, indoor fitness centres and swimming pools are not required to close at this time providing they meet these requirements for social distancing and hand hygiene. Such venues should take actions to ensure regular high standards of environmental cleaning take place.’ 

The full media statement made by the Prime Minister of Australia may be viewed here.


In line with this, the following measures must be practiced by all who visit our facilities, including our staff:

  • Maintain a distance of 1.5 metres between patrons
  • Keep up high hygiene practices, including using hand hygiene products and suitable waste receptacles need to be available, with frequent cleaning and waste disposal.
  • Mass gatherings of more than 100 or more persons in a single undivided indoor space are not permitted

What can be done to minimise risk? 

We ask that all members follow the below actions when using the facilities:

  • Where possible, bring your own mat to all Body Balance, Pilates and Yoga classes. If you are using the centre provided mats please wipe down your mat before and after class using sanitiser or wipes provided in the studio.
  • Please bring a towel to all classes and when using the gym, our team will be closely monitoring this and be enforcing a “no towel, no workout” policy.
  • Wipe all equipment after each use with sanitiser or wipes as provided in studios and in the gym.

What is the Centre doing to minimise risk? 

We will be implementing a number of social distancing strategies: 

  • We have updated class capacities to maintain required social distancing parameters. Please set up your station on one of the coloured dots which have been placed on the studio floors. Follow the direction of your instructor to ensure you are maintaining 1.5m distance from other participants. 

  • When attending a class in the Pavilion (hill view or hill view studios), your instructor will meet you outside the pavilion and enter the space with you. Once the class is over the instructor will leave the area with you. Please do not congregate in hallways.

  • Class formats reduced to 45 minutes to allow adequate cleaning between classes.

  • Updated signage: we’ve updated in-centre signage to include the latest information and hygiene practices as advised by the Australian Government

  • Additional cleaning of the facility throughout the day; including frequent sanitisation of equipment, surfaces, bathrooms and other gym areas.

  • Additional sanitisers and antibacterial products for your use

  • Daily staff meetings, ensuring everyone is up to date with the latest information

  • Patronage in each area is being regularly monitored to adhere to the social gathering advice. The Centre staff will communicate with all patrons if any action needs to take place.

The good news is we have not received any information to indicate that an individual who has tested positive for COVID-19 has been in the Centre. 

For now, the best advice is to follow some simple steps to help slow the spread of the virus and to reduce the risk of infection. 

Follow the information and tips to help improve your safety and wellbeing, from Department of Health website HERE

If you would like to suspend your membership at this time we are currently offering up to 3 months free suspension. You can request this here


Please note that there are some modifications to centre programs and services during this time, detailed below. 

Childcare: CLOSED until further notice


  • Monday- Saturday 9am-12noon
  • Sunday CLOSED

Group Fitness:

Modified Group Fitness Timetable, view a copy here

The timetable will be reviewed regularly with updates emailed to all members.

Swimming lessons: continuing, refer to information sent to all swim school families 

50m Pool hours:

  • Monday- Thursday 5.30am-9.30am and 4pm-8pm
  • Friday 5.30am-9.30am and 4pm-7pm
  • Saturday 7am-10am
  • Sunday 8am-10am

Spa and Steam room: CLOSED

Warm Water Pool hours:

  • Monday- Friday 7am-8pm
  • Saturday 7am-7pm
  • Sunday 8am-6pm

25m Pool hours:

  • Monday- Friday 5.30am-8pm
  • Saturday 7am-7pm
  • Sunday 8am-6pm


  • Monday-Thursday 5.30am-9pm
  • Friday 5.30am-8pm
  • Saturday 7am-7pm
  • Sunday 8am-6pm

We understand that some of the changes above may be inconvenient, but they have been put in place to ensure that we are meeting government requirements.  

Thank you for working with us during this challenging time to ensure we can continue to deliver health and fitness programs to our community. We look forward to seeing you all at the centre on your next visit. 

If you have any further questions please contact us via email, note that due to high volumes of emails being received at this time we may take up to 48 hours to respond.