March 2, 2020

MannaCare POWER Program at Aquarena

In 2019, 396 people were diagnosed with cancer every day. Increasing evidence suggests that exercise plays a large role in reducing both the risk of cancer, and the side affects of treatment as well as increasing the long term survival rates.

MannaCare’s Program for Oncology Wellness and Exercise Rehabilitation (POWER) provides a range of services including a 12 week exercise program, free counselling and individual exercise sessions for those who have been affected by cancer. Aquarena has partnered with POWER to host one of the weekly sessions in the gym to engage participants in the community setting.

POWER participant Colin echoed this engagement, saying “I had little experience with gyms prior to the POWER program but I really enjoy my sessions at both sites…Aquarena is very well equipped and it is always a good experience”.

The engaging environment brings people together who have had similar experiences and problems and enables them to meet and exercise together. For POWER client Michela, the emotional benefits of the program are invaluable, saying the exercise sessions “clear your mind from thoughts of your illness and what you’re going though.”

If you or anyone you know has been affected by cancer and would like to find out more information about the POWER program, please contact:
Ph: 1300 90 20 23