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Momentum (Active Adults)


We offer a range of exercise to music classes specifically aimed at the needs of older adults aged 50 years and over.

As the specialists in older adult fitness, our classes are safe, fun, low impact and easy to learn.  They are designed so that each participant can begin slowly and progress at their own rate, regardless of their individual fitness level or physical ability.

Our instructors are skilled, experienced older adult specialists.  They will provide all of the necessary care and hands on support participants need to exercise safely, while still getting the most physical and mental benefit out of every workout.

Our classes are specifically designed to help older adults achieve the following benefits:

  • improve cardiovascular health
  • lose weight (fat loss)
  • build strong bones
  • lower blood pressure
  • build muscle strength and tone
  • improve flexibility
  • improve balance and posture
  • help maintain physical independence
  • improve health outcomes.
Active Adults Timetable 

The full group fitness timetable can be found on Group Exercise Timetable page, which includes all classes including Active Adults.

Pricing Options

For Active Adults classes included in our Full Access and Full Access Off Peak Memberships, click here.

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